CoCo Research Group


Halmstad University, Sweden
Ebba Sundin, PhD, Associate professor, Media and Communication Studies
Maria Nyholm, PhD, Associate professor, Public Health Sciences

Fire brigade of Greece
Theofanis Pagkratis, Fire major  

Malmö University, Sweden
School of Arts and Communication (K3)

Ulrika Sjöberg, PhD, Associate professor, Media and Communication Studies
Elisabet M. Nilsson, PhD, Senior lecturer in Interaction Design

RISE Interactive Institute, Sweden
Magnus Eriksson, Researcher

Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Information Security Group

Rikke Bjerg Jensen, PhD, Lecturer in Information Security

University of Athens, Greece
Evangelia Kourti
, PhD, Professor in Social psychology and Media
George Pleios, PhD, Professor in Social theory and Mass communication

Tohoku University, Japan
Kuniko Sakata Watanabe, Media and Communication Studies, Disaster Information Studies.

Westminster Business School, UK
Koko Kondo
, PhD, Media and Communication Studies

Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Klas Backholm, PhD, Political Science with Media and Communication